Tips for Sterling Scholars

Being a Sterling Scholar was one of the most rewarding, yet stressful, things I’ve done in my high school career.
Serving as the Dance Sterling Scholar gave me umpteen opportunities to serve my community, and better myself. But, it didn’t come without some sacrifice.
I’d literally stay after for hours after the school bell had rang, glued to a computer screen, trying to find out the devilish side to InDesign.  Many hours were spent, stalking through my past, trying to find any success, and tying it into my portfolio. For those last few dreadful, and stressful, days, I’d stay after until I’d have a blinding headache from the computer screen.
So, for all of you upcoming and hopeful Sterling Scholars, I’ve got some advice for you:
Tip 1) Don’t Procrastinate. Perhaps the most important of all the tips, DON’T SLACK! You’ll think it’s all fine and dandy, until it’s an hour until your portfolio is due, and you still are working on your book (lol, this happened to me) and you just want to lie down and cry. I repeat, do not slack on your portfolio. Get it done ASAP, and you should be golden.
Tip 2) Start early! Along with not procrastinating, perhaps one of the most important tips is to start early. Be responsible, and make yourself start on your book early. Whether this is writing the essays, or even designing your pages, you’ll be thankful you did!
Tip 3) Do any, and all, service projects you can. This can be from volunteering at the food shelter, to creating your own project. If anything arises that can make you look like a spectacular citizen, do it! You’d rather have too many projects than be scrambling at the end.
Tip 4) Take a lot of pictures. Even though you’ll take 100 pictures throughout the duration of you being a sterling scholar, you’ll find it won’t be enough. Instead, take 200, just to be safe. You’d rather have too many pictures, than blurry ones, or ones you look absolutely hideous in, and still have to use. If you don’t take enough, you’ll be scrambling at the end, and (haha, oops) may even be resulted to take staged pictures. If you think you’ve taken enough pictures, take some more, just to be safe!
Tip 5) Get involved! Everyone says senior year is easy, right. Nope! Wrong! Unless you’re lame and mentally checked out by your senior year, your last year of high school will be stressful. Especially being a sterling scholar, you’ll find you need, NEED, to be extra involved. You’ll thank me later when you need you’re trying to fill space on a page, and that one club you joined fits in perfectly. Get involved!
Tip 6) Use smart time management. There’ll be more days than I can count, that you’ll want to go home, and watch an unnecessary amount of Breaking Bad, and do absolutely nothing productive. When you get this desire, stop. Just stop. Do NOT lie down on the couch, and waste the day. Use your time wisely, because before you know it, you’ll be out of it, and clicking the “send” button on your portfolio!
Yes, Sterling Scholar is incredibly stressful. I feel as if I hadn’t wasted so much time, and had spent my time more wisely, I wouldn’t have been so stressed.
If you’re considering being a Sterling Scholar of any kind, just know the extent of the commitment involved. It’s a great way to help your school and community, but can take a lot out of you, and your free time.
Don’t procrastinate, and remember to have fun! Being the Sterling Scholar is an incredible opportunity! If selected, there was a reason why!
Hopefully these steps can help you have a successful year!

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