Spring Break

Spring Break is the long awaited vacation that happens right  at the beginning of fourth quarter.  It comes just in time to save weary students from the hum drum of everyday school life.  This year spring break starts on April 7th and ends on April 11th. Most people already have an idea of what they want to do for Spring Break.  A lot of families have a tradition of doing a specific activity, something that they have done every year. 

Spring break is a great time to see family or to hang out with friends.  Some people like to travel to exotic places during spring break.  “Arizona baby! That is where I’m going” said Nate Smith.  “Spring break is a great time to spend with family, but I also like to spend it with friends” said Thela Mitchell.

Another great thing about spring break is the weather.  It is just getting warm enough to do some outdoor activities.  “I like to go shed hunting”  said Dakota Taylor.  If you own a boat this is the perfect time to go spend a day on the lake.  “During spring break my parents ditch me and go to lake Powell” said Ashley Whimpy. 

If you usually spend spring break at home, take some advice from your fellow students at Juab High and do something you would really enjoy for spring break.  

“I want to go skydiving” said Brock Durffee.  

“I want to go river rafting” said Riley Owens.  If you can’t do something as awesome as either of those ideas then think about doing something a little more realistic.  

“I love spring break!  I plan on catching up on sleep and eating easter candy” said Hannah Jacobson.  

No matter what your plans are for spring break, it is a great time to relax and take a break from school.  Remember to stay safe.

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