Signs of Spring


You're on the last lap of your motocross race.  You're in second place with a three second gap between you and first place. You think you can put on your charge and go for the win, but then again it’s the last lap so what’s the point, you can’t, it’s not within your limits.

There it is, that one word that can ruin everything for you. No it’s not the word can’t. It’s the word limits. Do you truly know what your limits are? No. Then why have them?
You're probably telling yourself yeah right, everybody has limits. No we don’t. We are just in this mindset of people saying you can’t do something because you aren’t capable.

If you tell your mom you’re going skydiving what's she going to tell you? She’s going to say no you’re not, you can’t. Have you asked her why not, other than the fact she doesn’t want you to? She’s going to tell you just because its not within your limits. Who’s to say that you can’t do something because your limits won’t allow you to? No one can. Just yourself.

When you think of the word limit you think everybody has them and we all know what they are.  Who’s to tell you that you can’t handle school, sports, work, and a good relationship with others? That life would be easier if some of those thing were given up? The only thing you will think of is the regret you will have when you think about what you gave up.

So why give all of it up? You give it up because someone tells you its not within your “limits”. I came up with the conclusion that we set our own limits based on opinion and society. That’s a sad reality to face actually.
People tell you you can only go so far and “the sky’s the limit”. What about when you reach the sky? Then what? That’s it you're done. You can’t possibly do anything more to better yourself.

At the end of this year don’t you want to be able to say that you made sure you did everything without limits? That you went as far as possible with everything you did, and that you had no limits? That you didn’t let anyone tell you what you couldn’t do and that you just set your own limits to make yourself happy? Don’t you want to be more successful than anyone else because they stopped where they thought their limits were?

Have the self satisfaction of knowing you went above and beyond their limits. You only have mental limits and they might seem like they’re permanent and you can do nothing about them. Now I only have one question to ask you. What are your limits?