Talking to your friends in town is always great, but have you always wanted to talk to people in different countries? Mette, a student at Juab High School and one of my good friends, started a club. It gives students the chance to talk to people all over the world. Come to find out there are a lot of people to talk to.  

GPS (Globally Proactive Students) is the amazing club. GPS is a club dedicated to encourage students to expand their cultural knowledge, communication skills, and global compassion. I currently am a member, and we have twenty-seven members total. Our advisor is Mrs. Tolbert. 

Meetings are held in Mrs. Tolbert’s room every third Thursday of the month, so JHS students-- drop on in and check us out! 

Why did we need this new club? “JHS didn’t have a club that focused on geography, culture, or international communication. GPS creates an opportunity to be involved in those areas,” said President Mette Covington.

Some of the activities we have done over the past three months are spray painting our club t-shirts, and sending cards to the people in the Philippines to show support after the Typhoon hit. Throughout the month of February, we have been hosting a book drive for the Sakala library in Haiti

GPS has it very own email, so if you ever have any question you can email us at If you’re more of a Facebooker, follow us on Facebook at Globally Proactive Students.  

“If we understand how people function throughout the world we can better understand ourselves and how we can be the best we can be where we are,” said Mette.

Being a member, or just a Pen-pal, is a great opportunity for people to get involved with teachers, students, and/or kids from all over the world. It’s just a great way to expand what you know about the world and to even share what you know about the world. If you’re wanting to learn how to speak a different language, it’s even great for that too!

Please come and join this amazing club; it’s well worth the few hours after school, (plus it’s once a month!) We do fun activities, but also real things that help other people. It is a great way to get involved with the world, and you will learn a lot about it!

Please consult the Facebook page, message our gmail, or contact anyone in GPS. 

You can visit to create your own Penpal account.

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