April Fools!

Check the calendar, because it’s almost April first. April first is known for what my friends? April Fools Day, the only Holiday in the month. That makes it special. You want to do so many fun things that day right? Give it all the pranks and laughs it deserves. I’ll help you out a little with a few ideas.

  • There’s only one- Steal just one shoe of each pair of your victims’ shoes. Watch them with amusement as they search and search for at least one matching pair.
  • Bottomed out- Does your victim have a weakness for that good ol’ Cap’n Crunch, or maybe those Chicken in a Biskit crackers? Here’s an idea for you. Take the box, cut out the bottom, place it on the shelf (right side up) and then empty the contents into the box. When your victim goes to grab a little snack, they will end up with a little surprise of contents on the floor.
  • Door Ambush- Now this trick is a classic. Fill a plastic cup with water, then place it on top of the door you know your victim will walk through. They wanted a refresher. They really did.
  • Please Leave a message- This prank is acceptable on April first, and April first only. Hide your victims’ phone, then call and laugh as they hunt frantically for that device that rules their life.
  • No Spring Break for you- Fake a letter saying that there actually is school during Spring Break.
  • More Mayo- Replace your victims’ lotion with mayonnaise. They will smell great, just wait and see.
  • Soggy Socks- Place a water balloon in your victims shoes.
  • Not my plot- Leave a notebook out with your “prank” checklist written on it. Your victim will have anxiety all day when you don’t end up doing anything to them at all.
  • Leave ‘em in the dust- Wait until your victim enters the bathroom, and then slide a piece of paper with baby powder on it under the door. Quickly plug a blow dryer in, then listen for your victims yelps as the baby powder flys everywhere.
  • Test their patience- Trick your friend into thinking there’s a test that day by saying, “Are you ready for the test?” as you’re walking into class.
  • Animal cruelty- attach an animal leash, a collar, and a stuffed animal onto the bumper of your victims car.
If you were clueless before how to prank those you call friends, you now have many jokes to achieve now. Your welcome, and good luck.

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