It's Just the Beginning

You recall that feeling as if it was yesterday. That feeling of anxiety that you awoke to on the morning of your freshmen year. Where will you sit at lunch? What if you can’t find your classes? What if you don’t know anyone? All of these questions and more were bolting through your head as you walked through the doors of High School for the first time.
“I was scared because I thought the school was so much bigger! I was going into unknown territory and I was scared,” Said Juab High School senior, Alex Rosquist.

Although it was a scary moment, looking back as a senior, don’t you just wish you could go back? Wouldn’t you love to just make it all slow down. Although, our days in High School are coming to a close, our lives in the real world are just beginning.

That same anxiety you felt as a freshman in high school is about to hit all over again. This time, on a bigger scale. Yes, I’m talking about college. Although, it seems scary to step outside of the town and lifestyle you’ve known forever and exchange it for the glamour of a poor college student, just think of it as a new start.

College is a second chance. A chance to stop being the procrastinator you were in high school. A chance to leave behind the reputation you had. Think of college as a new beginning.

Just because you are leaving high school doesn’t mean you should forget it. Remember these times you've had in high school.

Reminisce on the moment you lost your voice cheering in the student section at a sporting event, maybe the first time you went to prom, the first time you went on a real date, and the first time you walked through the doors of your high school. High school from a senior’s point of view might seem like a lot of lasts, but waiting outside of high school is endless amounts of firsts.

You still hear countless times from adults around you, “This isn’t the end, it is just the beginning.”

Savannah Behrmann summed it up best, “It's definitely bittersweet. I'm excited to move on and make new adventures, but I'll miss high school of course and all the friends and memories I've made here!”

It is easy as a Senior, and fourth quarter begins, to feel like the life we have known for 12 years is ending, with nothing else to look forward to.

It becomes easy to be close minded to the outside world and think there is nothing that will compare to the experiences we have had during high school. However, like everyone has told us, this isn’t the end, this really is just the beginning.
Photo by Savannah Behrmann

Photo by Alex Rosquist
Photo by Aubrey Jones
Photo by Karlie Stephenson
Photo by Aubrey Jones
Photo by Aubrey Jones
Photo by Savannah Behrmann

Photo by Savannah Behrmann
Photo by Aubrey Jones

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