Gaydean's Opening

The sweet smell of freshly baked goods begins to overwhelm all your senses. Looking on, you can see the soft warm glow of freshly raised bread with its golden brown tint of perfection.

Suddenly your attention is drawn to the  warm, vibrant pink sugar cookies that some how magically draw your money from your pockets, along with the other baked goods...

Who’s hungry now?!

Well, go fill your cravings at Gaydeans Sweet Art! It is this cute little sandwich and bakery shop. Not to mention they spotlight their BYU ice cream that should be in everyone's day to day meals. (Besides the fact that it's from BYU,  it is amazing!)

It was recently opened on January 29, 2014 by Gaydean Okelberry, with her supporting husband at her side through the constant journey to bring this little joy to Mona. When speaking with Gaydean herself, I asked what made her want to get up and start this business.

Okelberry responded saying, “Well, we've lived here for about ten years, and we just watched this lot waiting for someone to do something with this property, and no one did. So I left being a graphic designer, I had done it for thirty years and we decided to open this up.”

You could feel the excitement in her words. Being a graphic designer with years of practice behind her, this project came with stunning results.   

I continued on to ask her how business was going and she said “The locals have been really supportive, they come get something to eat and are able to sit down and relax!” And relax they do, the shop is so cute and cozy that anyone could just sit in pure relaxation, taking a minute out of their busy lives to sit down and unwind.

The hot item that most customers get for their lunch is the Turkey Sandwich.  Sophomore Austin Hansen said it is “super good with the cranberry sauce.”  When polling the Sandwich bakery shop many also delighted in the chicken salad sandwich!

The best part in my opinion is the “freshly baked sandwich buns”.  They get up every morning to  bake their bread for the best experience and overwhelming sensation that bursts with flavor!

If we turn into the bakery side of the shop, you’ll find it’s a fight to the sugar cookies, but just not any sugar cookie, the pink sugar cookie. Most customers have their money out and laid down before they conscience has time to tell them NO!

Everyone adores the pink sugar cookies, and many customers will come out of their way just to get a few bites of joy! Many will purchase a drink alongside it. Many adore the fountain drinks with crushed ice.
Not to mention there is now breakfast meals for those early risers.   Gaydeans Sweet Art recently started to open its doors at 7am with a delightful breakfast that everyone should indulge, featuring a biscuit, but not just any biscuit.  Once you bite down into its warm moist center, your mouth is filled with fluffy eggs and bacon.

Go fill your cravings at Gaydean Sweet Art today! Located on 15 South Main (Mona, Ut.) Also like them on facebook!

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