The Art of Not Being a Spring Cleaner

After being cooped up in the house for four months, things tend to get a little dusty around the homestead. As the temperature begins to rise, so do blood pressure levels. Parents get this ridiculous thought in their head that the end of March is the perfect time to clean out every single room of the house, get all of the dead animals out of the garage, and weed the yard until there is only one blade of grass left

As teenagers, we do not see eye to eye with them at all. The only things we are interested in are going outside to practice up on our ball skills, getting that pre-summer tan, or enjoying the nice weather with our friends.

Getting caught in the spring cleaning trap that our parents set can mean social suicide for the rest of the summer.

But, how do we avoid the snare without getting grounded? These are some tips from students about how they get out

1-The first tip for sneaking out of cleaning responsibilities is to say you have homework. As soon as you get home, before your parents can ask how your day was, make a loud statement about the mountain of homework that has to be done by tomorrow, and then go into hiding

Then kindly tell your parents you won’t be able to help them trim the bushes today. “I will say I have homework and just get on the computer or take a nap. It works every time!” said the well rested sophomore, Lydia Bailey.

2- The second way to get out of cleanup assignments is to play spring sports. Softball, baseball, track, soccer, and girls golf are the sports offered at Juab that are perfect for this type of plan. Practice for these sports lasts from 3:00 to 5-5:30 pm every school day

So, you are out in the sun at the hottest time of the day getting tan, and by the time you get home, eat a snack, finish your math homework, pet the dog, and take a shower, it is too late for your parents to make you do chores. 

Danielle Lynn, a senior softball player said, “I’m always at practice or a game and by the time I am done it is time for dinner. So this leaves no time for dirty housework.”

3- The last tip explains how to get out of cleaning and get away with hanging out with friends. This is not an easy task and your parents can figure out your lie if isn’t a good one

One suggestion is to tell them you have a group assignment and it is top priority, even if it isn’t due until the end of the month. Lydia Bailey also said, “I tell them that I have to do a group project and then I hang out with my friends. We don’t get anything done, but I don’t ever have to do chores.”

These are just a few suggestions of how to slyly get out of the trap our parents have so evilly set for us. Use these excuses or even some of your own and your spring plans of tanning and friends are sure to be in full swing this year!

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